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 Милан 'Lo0DaK!!!' Аксић

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Broj poruka : 1471
Datum upisa : 2010-05-25
Godina : 27
Lokacija : Алексинац

PostSubject: Милан 'Lo0DaK!!!' Аксић   28th April 2011, 08:17

Ime: Milan
Prezime: Aksic
Mesto: Aleksinac
God: 20
MSN: 'ludak-mitaal91@live.com'

a4tech X710 BK
Mousepad: a4tech X7 Large
Headset: Genius HS
Keyboard: a4tech

Steam: da
Resolution: 1024x768 [32 bit]
Crosshair: Medium
Crosshair color: Magneta
Transleucent : No
Weapon alignment: Left Handed
cl_dynamiccrosshair 0
mouse_sensitivity 1.6
zoom_sensitivity 0.8
cl_updaterate 60
cl_cmdrate 60
rate 25000
fps_max 60
ex_interp 0.01

Plays with: dz0n1; kojadinovic; epidemic; despotoviC
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Милан 'Lo0DaK!!!' Аксић

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